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Power Shake - Original Flavor (30 servings)




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Item #2206

Purium’s Power Shake™ was created so that you can easily consume several superfoods all at once, thus saving you time and money. For detoxification, we recommend using the Power Shake as part of Purium’s 7-Day Anabolic Fast™.

  1. May help burn fat and build muscle

  2. Is a great natural detoxifier

  3. May increase energy, endurance, and strength

  4. Supports healthy blood glucose levels

  5. Can help curb cravings and appetite

  6. Contains ingredients rich in vitamins and nutrients to support total nutrition

Servings per container: 30

Grams per container: 1065

Instructions: Mix 2 slightly rounded scoops (5 tbsp.) with 10-20 oz of cold water or juice (carrot or apple would be ideal). Take on an empty stomach (or 2 hours after eating) 1-4 times per day. Great prior to, during, and after exercise or activity.

Ingredients: Rice Bran Solubles, Activated Barley, Carrot Juice Powder, Hawaiian Spirulina, Organic Kamut Grass Juice Powder, Organic Oat Grass Juice, Organic Alfalfa Leaf Juice Powder.

d Carrot Juice


Master Amino Acid Pattern - 150 ct

Item #3551


The Complete Program
Expect to lose 5-20 pounds in just 10 days!
PLUS re-set your metabolism and break your addiction to food.
PLUS detox your body and clean your digestive tract.

10-Day Transformation Cleanse Includes:

Power Shake (1065 g)

Master Amino (150 count)

Apothe-Cherry (16 oz)

Ionic Elements (4 oz)

Daily Fiber Blend (500 g)

BPA-FREE Shaker Bottle

10-Day Celebrity Transformation Gym Bag

10-Day Celebrity Transformation Tape Measure

Easy-to-follow Transformation Support Guide


10 Days of Food for ONLY $270 Retail!
This program replaces your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 10 days.
Tremendous value!

Item: #1151 - Original Flavor

Item: #1157 - Apple Berry Flavor

Just $27 per day!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Learn more about the products in the 10-Day Transformation Cleanse:


Retail Price: $89.64

Master Amino Acid Pattern™ is pre-digested 100% vegetarian protein that has been featured in the Physician’s Desk Reference* and is comprised of non-soy legumes. For fitness goals, we recommend combining it with the Power Shake™.

  1. Aids in normalizing protein synthesis

  2. Assists with the stabilization or recovery of muscle strength, endurance, and volume

  3. Helps keep body tissues firm

  4. Helps minimize body fat

  5. May support a weight loss regimen

Servings per container: 30

Instructions: Take 5 tablets daily. As an exercise aid take 5 - 10 tablets, 30 minutes prior to exercise. For those seriously intent on gaining muscle or losing weight, take 1-2 tablets per every 25 lbs of body weight on a daily basis.
For best results: Take 2 hours BEFORE or at least 3 hours AFTER taking other protein/amino acids sources (meat, eggs, dairy, jello, beans, bananas, lentils, nuts, grains, breads, cereals, oatmeal, soy products, etc.). Purium green drinks can be taken 30 minutes after taking Master Aminos.

Ingredients: Patented proprietary blend of (non-soy) legumes. Amount per Serving of MAP™ 5000 mg: L- Leucine, L- Valine, LIsoleucine, L- Phenylalanine, L- Threonine, L- Methionine, L- Tryptophan, L- Lysine 


Item #3551

Apothe-Cherry 16oz

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Item #2110


Purium’s Apothe-Cherry™ is made from Sour/Tart Cherries, which are nature’s most nutritionally dense food. They contain a wide variety of antioxidants and phyto-chemicals, and each serving contains 7,000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) units. We recommend combining this product with our 40x Aloe Vera Concentrate.

  1. Contains melatonin, which may help balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep

  2. May support healthy joint function

  3. Promotes healthy uric acid metabolism

  4. Is a rich source of anti-oxidants

  5. Can help prevent or even reverse premature aging

Servings per container: 16

Instructions: Add 1/2 oz to 1 oz (1-2 tbsp) of concentrate to 8-10 oz of water or juice and drink daily. Works best when taken thirty minutes to an hour before going to bed or after a workout.

Ingredients: Sour/Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

Ionic Elements 4 oz. liquid


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Item #2120

Purium’s Ionic Elements™ is a specially formulated combination of fulvic acid and ocean trace minerals - it is a great source of magnesium and other important nutrients. We start with a special, rare source of humic and fulvic base and use our proprietary (acid-free) refining method to accelerate the concentration and purity of the fulvic acid, which leaves it with a fresh, clean taste. We recommend adding Ionic Elements™ to your Power Shake™ or any other green drink.

  1. May reduce the effects of aging

  2. May promote restful sleep

  3. May support healthy immune function

  4. May increase alkalinity

  5. May promote the healthy growth of hair, skin, and nails

Servings per container: 25

Instructions: Adults take 20 drops three times per day. For optimum results, circulate the liquid Ionic Elements in your mouth for ten to twenty seconds before swallowing. You can also simply drink it after diluting it in water or juice.

Ingredients: Supercharged activated fulvic acid; ocean- and plant-derived magnesium with over 72 ionic trace minerals


Daily Fiber Blend - 500 g

Retail Price: $26.95

Item #2210


Daily Fiber Blend™ is unlike any other fiber product on the market. It is designed so that your body gets the purest and most potent protein, essential fatty acids, enzymes, and essential fibers. We recommend combining it with the Herbal Fiber Cleanse™ and our green drinks for comprehensive digestive and immune support.

  1. May enhance bowel function

  2. Supports healthy cardiovascular function

  3. Contains highly digestible amino acids

  4. May support a weight loss regimen

Servings per container: 30

Instructions: Take 1 scoop (2 tbsp) mixed with water, juice, or your favorite smoothie- best taken 1-2 hours before bedtime or instead of a snack.

Ingredients: Flax Seed (Linum usitatissimum), Acacia Gum, Rice Bran (Oryza sativa), Psyllium Husk (Plantago ovata), Apple Fiber (Malus sylvestris), Activated Barley, Chia Seed (Salvia hispanica), Inulin - FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), Fennel Seed (Foeniculum vulgare), Glucomannan (Amorphopallus konjac), Black Walnut (Juglans regia), Pineapple Powder Flavor, Sprouted Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa), Sprouted Amaranth (Amaranthus spp), Sprouted Spelt (Triticum spelta, Sprouted Kamut® (Triticum teranicum turgidum),Arabinogalactin

Kamut®  is the registered trademark of Kamut International Ltd.

Packed By Weight Not Volume
Suitable for vegetarian diets.

*Though this product, at most, may have trace amounts of gluten- we cannot legally say that this product is gluten free.

Purium Health Products recommends consulting a physician (preferably a physician specializing in integrative medicine) before starting this or any other weight loss regimen. The Transformation Program is intended for use only by healthy adults. If you experience discomfort, distress or any other symptom during your 10-Day Transformation, please discontinue using the products immediately and consult a physician.

The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Order Now!!!http://www.phporder.com/Transformation.aspx?ID=danclarkmd
Order Now!!!http://www.phporder.com/Transformation.aspx?ID=danclarkmd
Order Now!!!http://www.phporder.com/Transformation.aspx?ID=danclarkmd