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1986 marks the beginning of BioActive Nutritional, Inc’s development, formulation, manufacture and distribution of natural base health products.  BioActive’s current offerings encompass more than seven hundred proprietary products. Growth and stability in the natural therapies marketplace is the hallmark of BioActive, driven by products that perform and produce positive results.

Homeopathy is a proven medical discipline practiced throughout the world for more than two hundred years. The medical treatment of choice in many cultures, homeopathic remedies are receiving renewed recognition within mainstream North American culture. After sixty years of “underground” status attributable to FDA, AMA and other legal and professional suppression, homeopathic remedies are re-emerging to an educated American health consumer.

Since 1986, BioActive has maintained a strong commitment to its customer, the health care professional. BioActive’s benchmark continues to be its investment of significant time, monies and efforts for customer education. While the building blocks of homeopathy can be found in complex laws of physics, educational seminars and materials produced by BioActive key on the logic of a homeopathic approach - remedy as a stimulator of the body’s inherent immune system.

Homeopathic remedies will become a treatment of choice, as immune system crippling disorders become commonplace. BioActive formulations, developed under the spagyric process for improved bioavailability and delivery to the body’s targeted defense systems, will stand at the forefront of this process. Through continuing research, refinement and re-development of formulations and their delivery systems, BioActive intends to be the leader in a broad spectrum of natural base health products.

The most repeated phrase at BioActive is the one echoed by our customers “Your products work.” We intend to keep this as calling card!

    Daniel G Clark, MD , Founder and Chief Formulator

BioActive Product Review

While ordinary tinctures and infusions use only part of the great curative potential of plants, the methods of plant alchemy (spagyric), “open” the medicinal plants completely, revealing their more powerful healing properties.


- Detoxifiers                 – Tonics
- Drainage                    – High Potency
- Endocrine Tincture    – Phenolics
(New Zealand beef)   – Flower Remedies
- Miasms                      – Hormone Creams
- Diathesis                    – Oligo Minerals

– Single Herb                – Herb Blends

Whole Food Concentrates (GrowForm)
Colloidal Minerals
Specialty Items

BIOActive’s Remedies are exceptionally BioEnergetically radiant! You will see for yourself, particularly if your techniques include BioEnergetic testing procedures.

Clinical Counsel is always available and we invite your calls and questions. Genuine Alchemy, with its emphasis on balance and wholeness, belongs to the best of the healing traditions and provides us with one of the noblest paths to health and well-being. We personally look forward to working with you.

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